we are the movement
committed to the knowledge of making.

driving production, promotion & distribution

of authentic, fair & sustainable product

- at scale.

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we honor

the eternal value of objects.

recognizing generational transfer

 of cultural heritage & identity.

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we invest

in transforming

concepts & craft skills

into livelihoods.

responding to the demand for viable consumption, compelling stories & positive impact.


we believe

in complimentary skills.


three essential roles

the artisan, the creative & the business developer

5to form teams -

that we call PODs -

to build successful businesses.


we treasure


- providing funding 

digital process


marketing & sales expertise


to develop new collections

in seven steps -

ready for market in 30 weeks.


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we introduce

the world to its makers.

promoting the stories & the process of creation

ensuring global visibility

through PR, curated shows & exhibitions 

to establish new context & appreciation.

opening international sales channels

offering consumers a choice 

in line with their values.

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we are driven

by value creation & sharing.

everyone involved has a clear responsibility

that translates into equal returns

for artisan, designer, business developer

distributor & co/rizom

- while guaranteeing quality products

that are fairly & responsibly produced,

& competitively priced.


thank you !!