Homo Faber

Victor Clopotar’s initial collection is created to emphasise the distinct identity of a master of his craft. Challenging forms made from a single piece of silver – dozens of times in the fire and  hammered several thousand times until the final shape arrives. 

VCR Exclusive, Brateiu, Romania: metalsmith with Andrei Georgescu and Nadja Zerunian / launched his brand VCR at Homo Faber in Venice in April 2022 and is distributed through the co/rizom sales network.

Challenging the limitation of rigid materials and creating fluid shapes by fire & the blow of a hammer is an archaic craft that has defined the Roma clan of Caldarari  for generations. Victor Clopotar is a traditional Roma Artisan from Transylvania. Born into a family of Caldarari he has followed the footsteps of his ancestors and trained as a coppersmith.


 He extended his expertise while working with international clients & designers. Known for his talent & precision he collaborated on objects that were shown in Milan, Paris, New York & Miami and are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. Victor has started his own label VCR of exclusive silver items in spring 2022. 



set one / silver 925

round tray  200 x 10 mm cup with lid  46 x 65 mm / 45 x 1.5 mm / spoon  240 x 7 mm

set two / silver 925

tray  200 diam x 10 mm / creamer 100 x 50 x 65 mm / bowl  77 x 65 x 100 mm / spoon 240 x 7 mm

set three / silver 925

oval tray 450 x 250 x 7 mm / carafe 140 x 125 / 65 x 70 mm / cup with lid  70 x 65 x 70 / 65 x 70 mm

set four / / silver 925

carafe small with lid  140 x 90 / 30 x 40 mm / carafe high with lid 190 x 100 / 30 x 40 mm

His challenge is to remove sentimentality from handicrafts and push Roma products into a contemporary universe. Archaic shapes reinterpreted, made with ancient skills have a place in today’s world. These sculptural objects reinforce the pride of the Roma community in their traditional skills and are the sole source of income, both almost lost.


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