co/rizom enables traditional artisans to become a thriving part of the global supply chain & has piloted nine projects to establish & digitalize a successful standardized collection development process based on crafts.

the journey has not always been smooth or easy – the challenges from language barriers, network connectivity to travel bans had been many – but in the end, exchange always leads to change.

amc / taoe. hungary / cattail with marta Giardini & gabor nagy

mangala/ nermina alic / sarajevo. bosnia / copper with mischer’traxler & trish malloch-brown

talpe / vasilica isacescu / bihor. romania / wood with andrei georgescu & nadja zerunian

zestrea / ana florea & team / beius. romania / textiles with chiara van praag & wiener times

nesa / nebije qotaj / zogaj. Albania / kilim manufacture andrei Georgescu & nadja zerunian

‘my head already lives in the future …   zaza gatenashvili