“If I'm stressed or have a problem, I crochet,” says Diana. “It relaxes me and I feel better straight away.” Diana is new to ‘Zestrea’ and an expert in – you guessed it - crochet. Dowry linens were often adorned with crocheted elements. They served as decorative way to connect several narrow pieces of cloth to create one larger item. Immediately after our first meeting in the back room in Beiuș we christened Diana the ‘Crochet Queen’, so impressed were we by the energy of this former personnel manager. Today she earns her living through crocheting alone, but those meeting the striking blonde for the first time shouldn’t expect balls of wool and knitting needles. With an enterprising sparkle in her eyes, she tells of how she crochets shoes in bulk for an Italian company. She gave up her office job, it was too stressful, too many ten-hour days. When asked how many hours a day she works now, she answers with a laugh: “Twelve! But crocheting is my passion!” She learned the craft from her mother, as used to be common. Her latest project: opening her own shop in Beiuș. So far, her hats, scarves and blankets have sold mostly via word of mouth. We have no doubt that this superwoman will succeed in this endeavour too.

Text:  Jasmin Jouhar
Photo(s): Nafez Rerhuf