Tserovani for co/rizom / Zaza Gatenashvili / Georgia / Wood
Zogaj for co/rizom / NESA / Albania / Kilims
Zestrea for co/rizom / Zestrea / Romania / Textile
Talpe for co/rizom / Vasilica Isacescu / Romania / Wood


Trying to understand the essence & processes of diverse crafts we collaborated with Nebije Qotai, the owner of a traditional kilim manufacture in Albania, Ana Florea and her team of embroiderers and weavers in Romania, to highlight elements of traditional patterns in strong colors. To reconnect to the rich heritage of Transylvania we re-edited five antiques folk chairs that we discovered in the regionalmuseum with Vasilica Isăcescu, a local wood carver and followed a similar path with Zaza Gatenashvili  focusing on  boxes with archetypal patterns that have defined Georgian culture for centuries. By transferring these objects into a new context we aimed to reposition perception of traditional crafts & their makers.


Presented at  Romanian & Vienna Design Week 2019

ONE is co/rizom’s first collection of home accessories and was inspired by the cross-fertilization of symbols, materials, typologies and stories. From embroidered blankets to handwoven kilims, from carved chairs to finely crafted boxes, the collection represents a journey across cultures and colors that not only revalues traditional crafts and outstanding artisanal skills, but also emphasizes the shared elements of many traditional regional identities.


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