Honey, Dear !

A small edition of honey dippers, challenging the preconceived notion of what a specific tool should look like. Tested by honey addicts & produced by Angelică Papaleț a talented artisan from a community of Roma wood workers.
Peris for co/rizom.


The beginning of an ongoing collaboration with co/rizom to create steady incomes – one spoon at a time.

honey dippers / turned by hand / wood – 15 / 20 x 160 mm


Strugurel is an exceptionally talented artisan from a community of Roma woodworkers. However, precarious conditions in his workshop led to a fire in the winter of 2021 which destroyed not only his house, but also his means to make a living. 


Co/rizom is prefinanced both the renovation of his workshop and the raw materials required to fulfil his first order. We connected him to a client who is purchased several hundred wooden honey spoons. He is now developing a new collection that will be ready for distribution in fall 2022.