three vases / hand made / ceramic, engobes

Garbaha aims to attract attention to the ceramic district of Grottaglie by revisiting and re-interpreting the ancestral symbols of Apulia. The project takes off from extensive iconographic research, connecting the tradition of Grottaglie to contemporary rituals in a collection of ceramic artefacts.

ARTISANMENA FUECO is a space in Grottaglie, Italy, that actively exhibits and promotes works from worldwide emerging contemporary ceramic artists, whilst engaging as a kind of incubator of audacious projects. The studio offers a selection of funky and unusual ceramic works with a strong personality and an extraordinary story to tell.

DESIGNER: Sara Bologna is a designer and design curator based in Milan. With a background in both design and contemporary art, she develops and manages projects related to the exploration of cross-disciplinary design practices, while at the same time pursuing her own design research with a focus on immaterial and anthropological dimensions of objects.

BUSINESS: Diapason Consortium was born in 1997 and is very active in the fields of territorial marketing, tourism, culture and art.

small vase

Materials: Ceramic, Engobes
Size: height 12 cm, diameter 11 cm
Weight: 400 grams

medium vase

Materials: Ceramic, Engobes
Size: height 38 cm, diameter 23 cm
Weight: 2 kilograms

large vase

Materials: Ceramic, Engobes
Size: height 38 cm, diameter 27 cm
Weight: 3 kilograms
photo credits: Andrea D’aversa