focus on: Kafenio

co/rizom incubator is guiding amazing artisans, designers and business professionals in developing their collections for a global audience.

 focus on series will allow you to get to know better the people behind the PODs.

This edition is dedicated to Kafenio. The POD brings together Pattes, a second generation artisan on the island of Lesbos in Greece, Paddy, an experienced UK designer and an NGO working to empower vulnerable groups through the training of skills. Their aim? To introduce contemporary designs to a traditional Greek taverna chair made from natural fibers.
  Paddy Pike founded his design practice after submerging himself in the world of high-end furniture by working for many of the industry leaders.

How did you start working as a designer? 
I studied design at school and started working for furniture designers at 18 years old – beginning with metalworkers outside of London. A few years later I dropped out of university to start working for designers in London, producing bespoke furniture for interiors. 

What attracts you to the material you chose for the process? 
Chestnut, like any timber, will show it’s heritage through the deep character of its colour and grain.

What is the biggest challenge in the design process?

Reinventing a product that has been designed thousands of times, to show off the character and skill of the artisan.

  Describe the co/rizom incubator in 3 words:
Friendly, Supportive, Adventurous
Human Ark is a Greek NGO working with vulnerable groups such as female refugees and migrants. It aims to preserve traditional crafts from being lost. They are promoting collaboration between vulnerable populations and local handcrafts professionals by training and integrating those groups into the labour market.
How did you start working on this project? 
The Kafenio is the Greek equivalent of a pub. The typical chair represents a lifestyle: for generations, people sit, drink, and chat on that chair for many hours per day. Sitting on that chair in a kafenio means carefree moments in a vibrant environment. By collaborating with a designer from the UK we wanted to further develop the traditional design (which has been the same for centuries) and bring it to the 21st century.

What does the word ”craft” bring to mind?
The idea of skilled workmanship, attention to detail, and the creation of unique, high-quality objects.

  Can you describe the material in 3 words?
Hard, dense, and durable.

  Describe the co/rizom incubator in 3 words:

Collaborative, innovative, and supportive space for emerging designers and artisans.

  What would be the dream professionally speaking?
Promotion of nature and culture and sustainable local development. Preservation of the art of traditional chair making, increased interest in crafts of local communities, and new perspectives for the promotion of handicrafts.

  If you would gift this collection, who would you gift it to?

To my grandfather. With his love of spending long hours in Kafenio engaging in endless discussions.