focus on: Annica Vanitas

co/rizom incubator is guiding amazing artisans, designers and business professionals in developing their collections for a global audience.

 focus on series will allow you to get to know better the people behind the PODs.

This edition is dedicated to Annica Vanitas.  The POD looks into the inherent fragile beauty of brass through the lens of different cultural heritages. The result is a collection of objects that interpret impermanence physically and symbolically.
 Carl Auböck V. is the first one in his family who focuses on shaping sheet metal, creating endless possibilities for creation in this new generation of craftsmanship. After working in the architectural field, he returned to the workshop of his father, which has a great tradition of craftsmanship dating back to the 19th century, and is creating handcrafted motorbike bodies and objects.  

How did you start working as an artisan? 
One of my first childhood memories was the smell of the polishing and annealing processes of the brass sculptures produced in the family workshop (Werkstätte Carl Auböck). Two years ago I created my own workshop that synergistically connects old traditional artisan techniques with modern technology. My skill set developed over the years through education and experimentation.

What does the word ”craft” bring to mind?
Nothing ever fits. Everything fits in the end.”
Crafting is a sensual experience. The act of making and doing and shaping is a process of waking up.
What is the biggest challenge in the design process?
To be able to create a physical brass object out of a 3D model makes for a perfect of digital versus analogue. The language of designer / artisan has been most fun to establish.
Describe the co/rizom incubator in 3 words:
Collaborative, creative and necessary.

What would be the dream, professionally speaking?
An embedded digital mentorship: We could create with the help of artificial intelligence. This combined with a stronger and more meaningful connection to the experienced artisans could help us to keep the handmade spirit alive.
What is an emotion connected to this collection?
A mystical night in old Biedermeier Vienna.
If you would gift this collection, who would you gift it to?
My mother. She has been my loving fire and deep inspiration all my life.
Initially trained in Industrial Design, Luca Gruber graduated with a diploma from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. After working for Bodo Sperlein in London, he decided to deepen his knowledge of the luxury industry at ECAL in Lausanne. He continued to work in Switzerland after his studies alongside Ini Archibong and on several projects in the watch industry. In 2022 he decided to focus on his own practice and strengthen his relationship on ongoing projects with various materials and artisans around Europe.
What does the word craft bring to mind?
Effort and Soul. I believe you can feel the passion of the person put into the creation of an object. 
Can you describe the material in 3 words?
Beautiful, impermanent, alive.
What would be the dream, professionally speaking?
Personally, I’m very much inspired by the Art Nouveau movement and especially of the idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk. My dream is to have the possibility to create pretty much everything which surrounds me.

  What are the biggest challenges for your profession in the future? And the biggest opportunity?

The biggest challenge will be to be more organized and learn more about the business side of design and crafts, but I believe co/rizom is a great opportunity to learn more about this.

  What is an emotion connected to this collection?
Beautiful tragedy.
Sandro Reginelli is the Business Development Officer and Head of the Creative Lab at Preciflex. He gained vast experience in the luxury industry and launched several successful products after working with Maurice Lacroix, Hautlance, and HYT, to name a few. Together with an excellent team from a variety of disciplines, he develops new products and pushes the boundaries of the luxury products, while exploring new territories in the field of the medical, technology and consumer goods.
How did you start working as a business developer? 
As an economist, my training wasn’t really geared towards working closely with designers and craftspeople, but it did help me to enter the world of business development.  I define myself as a ‘builder’ who enjoys interacting and sharing with ‘individuals’, giving birth to ideas by working closely with other experts to shape and materialize them.
What would be the dream, professionally speaking?
Making sure that in the creative, developing and production ecosystems we reinforce the use of our ancestral handmade savoir-faire.

  Is there a fun fact or happening that you would like to share?
If this POD were a movie, its title would be The Pen, the Pencil and the Blowtorch.