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Beius, Romania

Vasilica Isăcescu, wood carver / Beius, Romania with

Zestrea, textiles / Bihor, Romania  with Andrei Georgescu, Nadja Zerunian & Wiener Times

Tucked away in a small Transylvanian town …

… we discovered antiques folk chairs in the local museum and immediately recognised the iconic strength of these seats. We re-edited a selection of five for ONE  – the second  collection of co/rizom.

For TWO we paired them with patchwork pillows created by Wiener Times, and presented in 2020 at multiple events:  Romanian Design Week, The London Design Festival and Vienna Design Week.

LITTLE MONSTERS is our latest collection, again with supplementary pillows in vintage Romanian fabric by Wiener Times -

Now, focusing on a viable commercial success, competitive prices and transparent margins:

The collection will be launched at Collectible in May 2022 and distributed through the co/rizom sales network.