project info

craft: wood carving
name: borjgali
location: Tsernovani, Georgia
type of enterprise: small enterprise / after school program
staff: 4 artisans / 11 students
owner, teacher: Zaza Gatenashvili



Zaza creates objects  that connect him to his roots. Objects that are covered In archaic symbols carved deeply into wood – relating to a world he has lost. This is not a sentimental notion but a critical part of his identity & that of thousands of Georgian IDPs (Internally Displaced People) from South Ossetia who are now living in a settlement near Tbilisi. Zaza is recovering memory – one movement of the chisel at a time; preserving knowledge while educating students & sharing the cultural traditions of his ancestors with the world.

creative: Nadja Zerunian
business developer: Andrei Georgescu
photography: Alex Levac / Pauline Thurn & Taxis
texts: Susanna Koeberle
co/rizom partner since 2/2019