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Panel participants:
Andrei Georgescu, co/rizom
Susanna Köberle, journalist
Gilles Massé, WallpaperSTORE

Miriam Kathrein, Werkraum Bregenz

Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör, Wirtschaftsagentur


2.October'19 @16:30 – 18:30

At a time of ever greater globalization and dematerialization do local and traditional crafts have the right to survive? How can we ensure they do (and should we be intervening)? Are crafts necessary or useful? At a time when interest in crafts is exploding but traditional making skills are vanishing, what are the different models that could take craft-based knowledge forward and into the future?
co/rizom is searching for answers to these questions and engaging with artisan communities in a bid to make crafts more relevant to our daily lives


27.9. – 6.10.

Festivalzentrale im Althan – Quartier
Julius-Tandler-Platz 3


for co/rizom by borjgali, nesa, zestrea

ONE is co/rizom’s first collection of home accessories

and was inspired by the cross-fertilization of symbols, materials, typologies and stories. From embroidered blankets to handwoven kilims, from carved chairs to finely crafted boxes, the collection represents a journey across cultures and colors that not only revalues traditional crafts and outstanding artisanal skills, but also emphasizes the shared elements of many traditional regional identities.

borjgali: zaza gatenashvili. tserovani, georgia. wood carving.
nesa: nebije qotaj. zogaj, albania. kilim manufacture.
zestrea: beius, romania. textiles.

co/rizom is a methodology
creation programme funded by