we'd love you to be our next POD


who we are looking for

if you are

  • a traditional artisan,

  • a creative with an idea based on a traditional craft

  • or someone who would like to support a local craft

 register & apply with your concept until March 31st, 2022.


what we offer

a 24 week step by step process

simple digital tools

funding for a small 3-5 piece collection

input from renown creative, global marketing & sales experts

participation in curated global shows

pr & communications

distribution & sale of your collection - if you wish


& what we need from you

a great idea

to join forces & form a POD.*

to follow the step by step process, using the provided tools -

& assist team members who are less familiar with digital equipment.

to consider our expert's input when presenting your designs & the final collection.


*   we are convinced that it requires 3 essential competences

    the artisan, the creative & the business developer

    to build a successful craft business

*   at least two team members should be located in the same country / area.

*   we are happy to match you with some of our collaborators – should you miss a team member

how to apply


invite your POD members

describe your idea

prepare a simple business plan

please get in touch if you need more info or / 

apply here.