the hook collection

hook & lamps collection / each piece is unique, manually bent and finished in Austria  / steel

The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design in THE HOOK COLLECTION by Bakalowits and Anna Zimmermann represents a captivating synthesis. Designer Anna Zimmermann has chosen to spotlight the often-overlooked hooks as the centrepiece of her collection. This seemingly simple component is transformed into something unique and appealing through her creativity and perspective. The utilization of steel profiles sourced from Bakalowits’ artisanal workshop as the foundation for the chandeliers’ metal structures establishes a subtle link between traditional and modern approaches. Thus, the legacy of craftsmanship endures and is revitalized through contemporary design.

The collection offers more than just aesthetically pleasing hooks and lamps; it also narrates a story of innovation and reverence for the past. Each individual piece, produced in Vienna in limited quantities, bears the hallmark of both Bakalowits’ experienced craftsmen and the creative vision of Anna Zimmermann. THE HOOK COLLECTION is not only an exemplar of a successful symbiosis between tradition and modernity but also a tribute to artisanal mastery and artistic inspiration.


ARTISAN: The traditional crafts business Bakalowits has been manufacturing crystal chandeliers in Vienna for almost 180 years. Whenever we think of crystal chandeliers we tend to imagine hanging objects: glass elements of many different styles that enable lights to sparkle. But making chandeliers is not about working with glass. The craftspeople mainly process metal (the glass is bought from glass manufacturers) and they are very skilled at bending metal profiles with the help of bending templates.

DESIGNER: Anna Zimmerman is a designer working in object design, spatial design and concept development. Anna’s work is versatile, multidisciplinary, and inspired by everyday life and there is often a layer of social controversy beneath it. With a conceptual approach, her fascination for material, surfaces and contemporary aesthetics are key in her practice.

BUSINESS: Marina Weitgasser lives and works in Vienna. She studied Human Resources and has been a member of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Team since early 2021. She is responsible for office management, project management, and handling all public funding. She coordinates the formats “Passionswege” and “Re:Form”. Additionally, in 2023, she co-authored the book “Du Herbert” published by Haymon Verlag in collaboration with Judith Goetz and Lydia Haider.


Materials: steel / available in blue or nickle plated
Size: height 300 mm, length 240 mm, width 30 mm
Weight: 980 grams

the big hook

Materials: steel / available in light grey or nickel plated

Size: height 410 mm, length 195 mm, width 40 mm
Weight: 1400 grams

 Limited to 50, numbered and signed

hook lamp small

Materials: steel, nickel plated, lampshade lacquered in blue

Size: height 150 mm, length 150 mm, width 40 mm
Weight: 800 grams


hooked up

Materials: steel / available in blue or nickle plated

Size: height 295 mm, length 230 mm, width 15 mm
Weight: 413 grams


small hook collection slim

Materials: steel / available in blue, light grey or nickle plated / 3 hooks

Size: height 105 mm, length 50 mm/ 75 mm/ 120 mm, width 10 mm
Weight: 305 grams (together)

photo credits: Leonhard Hilzensauer