annica vanitas

four objects / shaped in Vienna / brass, volcanic rock

ANNICA VANITAS looks into the inherent fragile beauty of brass through the lens of different cultural heritages. The result is a collection of objects that interpret impermanence physically and symbolically.


ARTISAN: Carl Auböck V.  / is the first one in his family who focus on shaping sheet metal, creating endless possibilities for creation in this new generation of
craftsmanship. After working in the architectural field, he returned to the workshop of his father, which has a great tradition of craftsmanship dating back to the 19th century and is creating handcrafted motorbike bodies and objects.

DESIGNER: Initially trained in Industrial Design, Luca Gruber graduated with a diploma from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. After working for Bodo Sperlein in London, he decided to deepen his knowledge of the luxury industry at ECAL in Lausanne. He continued to work in Switzerland after his studies alongside Ini Archibong and on several projects in the watch industry. In 2022 he decided to focus on his own practice and strengthen his relationship on ongoing projects with various materials and artisans around Europe.

BUSINESSSandro Reginelli is the Business Development Officer and Head of the Creative Lab at Preciflex. He gained vast experience in the luxury industry and launched several successful products after working with Maurice Lacroix, Hautlance, and HYT, to name a few. Together with an excellent team from a variety of disciplines, he develops new products and pushes the boundaries of luxury products, while exploring new territories in the fields of medical, technology and consumer goods.

candle stick

Materials: brass (polished)
Size: height 380 mm, diameter 80 mm
Weight: 490 g
Recommended retail price: 1270 € (incl. VAT)

scent diffusor


Materials: brass (polished), brass (patinated), volcanic rock
Size: height 120 mm, diameter 80 mm
Weight: 552 g
Recommended retail price: 1355 € (incl. VAT)

incense holder

Materials: brass (polished), brass (patinated)
Size: height 30 mm, diameter 80 mm
Weight: 160 g
Recommended retail price: 1075 € (incl. VAT)

smoke diffuser

Materials: brass (polished), brass (patinated)
Size: height 150 mm, diameter 80 mm
Weight: 390 g
Recommended retail price: 1530 € (incl. VAT)

photo credits: Luca Gruber