Project Info

craft: kilim manufacture
name: nesa
location: Zogaj, Albania
type of enterprise: small family business
staff: 11 fem & 2 male artisans
owner: Nebije Qotai


It takes a lot of courage & determination to rise as a woman in a traditional Albanian village. But when the fishing jobs disappeared in neighbouring Lake Shkodaer & her family had to be taken care of, Nebije remembered the long afternoons spent watching her grandmother magically turn row after row of thread into colourful carpets on a loom. She turned her home into a workshop, dyeing wool & weaving & soon trained & employed eleven local women, each one – the sole breadwinner in their families.

creative: Nadja Zerunian
business developer: Andrei Georgescu
technical expertise: Walter Aigner
photography: Pauline Thurn und Taxis
texts: Marta Galli
co/rizom partner since 1/2019