we believe

that the future 

needs excellence

we have created a digital tool

that breaks down complex processes

into seven simple steps

to support production, marketing & sales for artisanal products..

co/rizom was founded in spring 2018 

by Alina Șerban, Andrei Georgescu & Nadja Zerunian.


Having worked 8 years in philanthropy at the ERSTE Foundation, Alina is a community engagement specialist, bringing institutional knowledge on strategic partnership management & social financing.


Nadja is the creative force of the team. After a decade at Calvin Klein in New York & creative director at Georg Jensen & the Swatch Group, she now focuses on the potential & relevance of global crafts. 


Andrei Georgescu is responsible for enterprise development & implementation. He has successfully launched the social enterprise MBQ in Romania & managed the transition of a group of traditional artisans to suppliers of IKEA. > the project where we all met ...

© pauline thurn und taxis 


we are irresistible

advisory board Lady Malloch-Brown, Lilli Hollein, Nicole Traxler, Marianne Schloegl, Andre Wilkens, Franz Prueller  /  artisans  Achenyo Idachaba-Obaro & Mitimeth, Ana Florea & the Zestrea team / Eva & Victor Clopotar, Nebije Qotai, Martin & Wolfgang Hufnagl, Nermina Alic, Terézia Eperjesi & the AMC team, Zaza Gatenashvili   /  creatives   Aldo Bakker, Bram Vanderbeke, Chiara van Praag, Katharina Mischer & Thomas Traxler, Maddalena Casadei, Marta Giardini, Wendy Andreu, Wiener Times   /  business development  Gabor Nagy, Konstantin Schmoelzer, Poonam Golani, Wilfried Amanshauser  /  photography  Alex Levac, Nafez Rerhuf, Mark Glassner, Nick St. Oeger, Pauline Thurn und Taxis   /  visual identity  Anna Zimmermann, Pia Scharler  /  story-telling  Alexei Korolyov, Ana Berlin, Anne-France Berthelon, Francois Nunez, Giovanna Dunmall, Jasmin Jouhar, Karin Pollack, Kimberley Bradley, Marta Galli, Nissrin Zaptia, Susanna Koeberle  /  curators & advisors  Alice Stori Liechtenstein, Gabriel Roland, Gilles Masse, Nick van Praag & GTS  /  team  Lisa Pock, Konstantin Pollack  /  local support  Gjoana Leka, Erjon Kacerja, Tamar Kiknadze, Maka Dvalishvili, Ana Maxaradze, Jamshid Fayzuallev & Jack Turner.


the road ....

'I tried to capture special moments throughout our journey in Uzbekistan – a country in which one can easily get too euphoric as a photographer.'

Pauline Thurn und Taxis

'Traveling for the first time in Albania you immediately are aware of all the  layers, just like the architecture of the messy cities … what I saw was a compendium of contradictions & a youthful energy. Past & present are so unusually close.'

Marta Galli

'Arriving at night, my first glimpses from the taxi window showed a city at once familiar & foreign. A visit to Zaza's workshop  outside Tbilisi the next morning revealed a new world, a new reality. It was the beginning of a journey in which every day we discovered  new layers & stories of a fascinating country. This variety was reflected in the buildings,  the people, the landscape & the food. Last but not least, the encounter with Zaza was instructive. He spoke of the emotional value objects can take on. A testament to the mute yet eloquent language of things.'                    

Susanna Koeberle


'The middle way between intimacy & distance is not always easy to walk. I hope you can read the expression in Zaza’s eyes, it says it all.'

Pauline Thurn und Taxis

'Photography for me is a window to many worlds. I have been a documentary photographer & a photojournalist  for almost 50 years. Yet every time I look through the lens I feel I am opening a new window. That is exactly what I felt when I visited Zaza in Tserovani. Photographing the refugees from South Ossetia was like discovering a new world. I did not speak their language but the communication was beyond words. Cooperation was without boundaries or frontiers. I hope this comes out in the pictures.'

Alex Levac

georgia_alex levac .jpg

© alex levac


© nafez rerhuf

'This was my second trip to Transylvania. But while, for some strange reason, I have almost no memories of the first one 20 years ago, this time so many images imprinted themselves in my mind. Sorin’s small sun-drenched workshop, the magnificent colors of the traditional costumes, the turrets & roofs of the Roma palaces. These memories will stay with me.'

Jasmin Jouhar

© nafez rerhuf


'A journey through time that was not a journey through time. I was fascinated by the attempt to portray traditional crafts in a contemporary way.'

Nafez Rerhuf

© pauline thurn und taxis